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Kun meillä yritetään puhua suomea

tiistai, tammikuu 28th, 2014

Synttärit meni rauhallisesti

lauantai, marraskuu 23rd, 2013

Dedicated to that awesome butt I love so

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Asiaa meistä // About us..

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So I thought I will open up my relationship status in this post..  So this is Philipp, same age as me, from Germany and his status is  ”boyfriend”

I find it somehow silly that where Philipp is tall and skinny I am so to speak ”curvy”…. But I still never feel fat with him..We of course see each other more rarely than people in normal ”not long distance- relationships”, so I miss him very much every day.


BUT I wouldnt change this for anything


I love you Philipp!… dang I am gross


Rakkautta vain

perjantai, tammikuu 11th, 2013

Philipp doesnt really take that well when people ignore his ”german drinking skills” , Philipp ei tosiaan tyksi yhtään että tätä pääsee tapahtumaan kun pubiin tai baariin mennään 🙂